My ongoing tasks

My ongoing tasks

This is one of the things I’ve been doing the past few months: trying to create good habits and actually sticking to it. It’s more likely I stay on track if I can see a visual progress. Like in grade school, when you get something done, you earn a gold star sticker. Altho now I color or check off the boxes. I hold myself accountable. After a certain amount of time, I can see what areas have been neglected.

Some weeks are better than others. While I’m far from crossing everything off, a few good habits have been developed. My sleep time is inching earlier. Ever since become my parent, I could never get back to “normal people” sleep times. I just feel I need to stay up really late to do everything I want haha. Why can’t I just go to bed early and wake up really early and do everything I want then.

Just common sense, but common sense doesn’t always mean common practice.

I have learned: Good/new habits take a long time to form. It takes a long time to change bad habits.

P.S. I opened a 2nd shop DearPlanner on Etsy in the midst of my self-redevelopment.

Getting back on track


Getting my ducks in a row. In this case, it’s eraserheads.

We are almost midway into 2013 and I am finally posting my goals. I’ve already started a little bit, but I feel when I write them down, there will be more consistency and accountability. So far it’s been spotty, at best.

To keep myself on track, I’ll use monthly charts I can color in (yes, like a kid 🙂 ) and/or daily lists. It has helped to have old-school visuals. Phone apps don’t work that well for me, although they make great reminders.

Here are my main goals in no particular order…

  • Strength training: This is new to me because I used to think excercise is all about cardio. Now I want to be strong and more toned. I’m still using mostly body weight, but I think I’ll break down and buy some hand weights in the near future. (3x a week)
  • Half marathon: Improve my time to 2:15. I realize it’s still a slow finish time, but that’s shaving 20 minutes off my last run, and it’s something to shoot for. I normally sign up to keep my sister company and she should be challenged, not feel like she’s having a leisurely run around the block haha. (Run at least 2x a week; one of those being 3 miles.)
  • Declutter: This is a problem in our household. We are far from hoarder status but this is a constant struggle. I just want to get rid of stuff; sell/donate clothes; have a place for everything. (Do one room a month, each week break down a portion of that room to clean.)
  • Meditate: I’ve never been good at this. I want to find time everyday for at least 5 minutes… work it up to 15 minutes twice a week. (I confess I fall asleep often trying to meditate!! haha)
  • Sleep early, wake early: I was going to bed at a decent hour but lately it’s gotten out of hand. Start by sleeping earlier 15 mins for 2 weeks; then an additional 15 mins earlier next 2 weeks, and so on. This will help me wake up earlier and probably solve my meditation problem as well 😀
  • Do more creative things: This has been on the back burner for a while: Linoleum block prints. I just have to do it. End of story. The only one stopping me is myself. The goal is to have an Etsy store. (Do 2+ designs a month!) If I can bring myself to fit in some crafty projects, then that’s bonus for me 🙂
  • Garden: Have better planters or something so we can grow more edibles. We currently have a few fruit trees, and they’re easier to maintain than veggies. I’ll have husband help me with this goal. We should tend to it better and keep an eye on snails, plant diseases, and the neighborhood bunny.
  • Take action with the commercial industry: Research and send out at least 2 pics a week. I haven’t been as consistent with this because the acting world doesn’t consume me internally like it used to. Of course I love it, but I also love other aspects of my life.

Whew, goals no longer seem as overwhelming when they’re written down… I also want them to be manageable. They will become future parts bigger goals.