My ongoing tasks

My ongoing tasks

This is one of the things I’ve been doing the past few months: trying to create good habits and actually sticking to it. It’s more likely I stay on track if I can see a visual progress. Like in grade school, when you get something done, you earn a gold star sticker. Altho now I color or check off the boxes. I hold myself accountable. After a certain amount of time, I can see what areas have been neglected.

Some weeks are better than others. While I’m far from crossing everything off, a few good habits have been developed. My sleep time is inching earlier. Ever since become my parent, I could never get back to “normal people” sleep times. I just feel I need to stay up really late to do everything I want haha. Why can’t I just go to bed early and wake up really early and do everything I want then.

Just common sense, but common sense doesn’t always mean common practice.

I have learned: Good/new habits take a long time to form. It takes a long time to change bad habits.

P.S. I opened a 2nd shop DearPlanner on Etsy in the midst of my self-redevelopment.

Me, exercising and liking it

behappy_runningshoesChilling after a quick run

I’m not much of an exerciser, not consistently anyway. I do some running because there’s a few marathons coming up, otherwise I exercise when I remember to…which is not that often. I can laugh at myself for this lax attitude, but at the same time I want to be a better version of me.

I’ve known about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for a while now and recently gave it a try. I’m happy to say I love it! What I like about it is that they’re short – usually 20 minutes, but intense. Wow, I wish I’d started sooner, but better now than never.

For motivation I joined a 90-day challenge called “Bikini Body Mommy” (They’re also on FaceBook). So far I’ve stuck with it for 25 days and still going strong. 20 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but I think I sweat more doing this than when I ran a half marathon. At one point, something was dripping in my eye and I thought “what is this!?”. It was sweat! Haha awesome, never had that happen before.

Weight loss isn’t one of my goals, so I don’t expect a big transformation. But at the end of this 90-day challenge, I hope to have more tone, strength and most importantly: learn the habit of consistency.

Does exercise make you happy? What is your favorite way to be active?

Yes, I’ve been exercising and happy about it! This post reminds me so much of the image below from Legally Blonde. Cheers!

legallyblond_endorphinsImage source: Legally Blond (Pinterest)

My daily green smoothie

Aha, there is one thing I’ve been consistent with.

In May 2012, I made my first green smoothie. It was really green, as in pack the blender with spinach and add a banana and 2 strawberries and water. That actually tasted fine. The only time it was hard to drink was when I used a whole kale bunch with a banana. It cleared my sinuses and I made myself drink it all anyway because it was an expensive smoothie. Had I known what kale tasted like, I would’ve only used one leaf.

Since then, I’ve had one almost every single day unless I was out of town or on the rare occasion that I just didn’t make one.


My daily consistency isn’t as scary as it looks 🙂

Why did I start?

I decided to do something good for myself after researching about food and health related subjects. I was reading a book on raw food and knew I couldn’t follow that lifestyle. Maybe one meal out of the day be 90% raw seems doable… that’s when the smoothie came in, it seemed the easiest thing to do. It was time to have more greens in my diet and possibly preventing diseases as I get older.

Have I noticed major changes?

Not much. I thought my skin seemed “brighter” in the beginning but it could be my imagination. One thing for sure was that I didn’t really get sick. Usually once or twice a year I get the dreaded cold… sore throat, cough, congestion. This past year I felt a cold coming on, but it only lasted a day and then went away. Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe not. This has become a habit and something I’ll be doing… forever.

If you’re curious what I put in my drink, these days it’s a staple of: chia seeds, coconut oil, cilantro, and ginger. The greens are a combination of bitter and mild vegetables: Dandelion, arugula, or pennywort combined with spinach, lettuce, or cucumber. For fruit I use a banana. Sometimes I add almond butter and plain yogurt or aloe vera then blend it with rice drink. I mainly use whatever I have, I’m not picky. If you’re new to green smoothies, stick with spinach, lettuce or cucumber for your veggies because you can’t really taste it.

Does anyone have a green smoothie everyday? Or a fruit smoothie? Mmm those are yummy!!

Consistency is key


Above is my sister. She needs consistency ingrained in her mind too 🙂

Consistency is key. Consistency is key………….

This is what I’ve been telling myself the past few days (probably much longer than that). To move forward, I thought I needed to push myself harder and not just coast along. In reality, what I really needed is the self-discipline to be consistent.

In anything, to get better, you must keep at it and chip away daily. Find something you enjoy or something you want to excel in and do it everyday… even if it’s just 10-15 minutes. Sounds so simple but excuses and distractions come much easier.

I’m great at starting a project and then working on it now and then. The problem with that is each time I pause, it takes effort to restart. Doing it everyday keeps the momentum going. The mind can continue quicker and not have to refocus.

Yes, I seem to know how it works but do I follow it? No. I think part of my problem is fear and impatience. Fear that I don’t like what I did or that it sucks. Well things are likely going to suck a lot in the beginning. And I’m going to want it great, right now. I have to trust that over time, the consistency will pay off. Once I see a difference, keep on going and great things will happen. We all have to start somewhere, no matter what it is.

Here’s to less self-criticism and more patience in this daily game of consistency.