Doer > Dreamer

I’ve made a decision to become more of a doer than a dreamer. There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer: it’s something I’ve always been. But it’s time to step into being more of a DOER. There’s not an instant fix that will make me transform overnight. All it takes is daily action. That’s “all it takes” hahaha.

I’ve had a soft start, but maybe if I write things down I will commit more to myself. Things I’d like to happen:

  • More organized home – 10 minutes a day I’m spending on this.
  • Be more fit & healthy – this is the only one that I’ve made progress with, altho I’ve slacked the past few weeks. I do a daily activity and checking in with my sister to keep ourselves motivated.
  • Have an active blog – made lists of post options. Gosh maybe, I’ll even have a schedule
  • Etsy store – I really want to make selling on Etsy to work. So far I love it and I’d love to become a success story. Right now my goal is to have 100 items listed by end of January. I have 73.

It’s not that I’m a slacker (*depends on who I’m compared to haha). I often overthink things.

  • No more overthinking
  • Set deadlines / schedules

In the end, I want to get to enjoying the process, rather than scrambling so I can enjoy the process.

If anyone has tips that’s helped them, please let me know.

I want to finish the Spartan Beast. I’ll be happy!

I’ve been preoccupied the past 2 weeks getting ready for Spartan Beast out in Temecula on Saturday. I’m doing it with my sister and a friend, Jill. My sister and I are a bit worried that it’s going to be 103° tomorrow. As always, I think I should’ve prepped sooner and trained harder, etc…. I’m not sure if doing tons of burpees or running uphill will prepare us for the heat. Our 3rd teammate, Jill, is all gung-ho about it LOL

I made sure to have a hat, gloves, hydrating backpack, some fruit with sea salt and hope for the best. I learned that pickle juice can help with dehydration and/or muscle cramps? I’m not doing that but it’s interesting to know!

We’ll just have fun and treat it as a long hike with a bunch of obstacles  along the way. I’ll be doing things I’ve never done before like wade thru mud and crawl under barbed wires. It’ll feel like being a kid again playing in the water. I won’t think about the harder stuff to do until I have to it tomorrow haha. I just have a goal to finish!

For now I’ll distract myself with some randomness. These are apples I picked from my neighbor’s tree. It’s it awesome to be able to go out in your backyard and grab some food? Not many have fruit trees around here, so I’m appreciating the few that do.





This makes me happy


Lychees, mangos, figs, grapes… oh my. So yummy.


Fruit makes me happy. Not all, but most of them. I wish I could grow numerous fruit trees, but I don’t have that kind of green thumb. I’m fortunate to just be able to get them at the grocery store any time…something we take for granted when I think about it. Once in a while, I’ll drive to an international market and find some more exotic types.

On a lazy summer day, I’m pretty happy with fairly common ones like Persian grapes, they’re so small but so sweet. Ripe, frozen mangos are nature’s sorbet, I can’t enough. I’m so happy to find lychees at my local supermarket. That’s something I usually find at the Asian markets, so I made sure to stock up on those. Lastly, we get figs from our fig tree, which I’m grateful for. I have to compete with the birds for them though.

I hope others out there enjoy nature’s candy like me. What food / fruit makes you happy?



On-going organizing!

Guilty. It’s been a while since I last posted. No matter, just move forward.

I am forever trying to get my life in order. With summer here, my schedule feels a little off.


I found these 2 organizing books by Regina Leeds. One I bought and another I found at the library. I thought I’d like the “8 minutes” more since it seems like the tasks seem quick. But I’m actually liking the “one year…” one more. The “8 minute” one seems good for touch ups but I like reading the latter one.

We’ll see how far I get or if it will really help me. I’m a lost cause, but I will not give up haha. I took a few ‘before’ photos and hopefully there will be ‘after’ photos one day. I suppose if I were to use an anology, this is weight loss (decluttering) and organizing (defining muscles) for my house.

If anyone has great organization tips that worked for them, please share in the comments.

My goal, besides healthy body, is a healthy home. Cheers!