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I’ve made a decision to become more of a doer than a dreamer. There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer: it’s something I’ve always been. But it’s time to step into being more of a DOER. There’s not an instant fix that will make me transform overnight. All it takes is daily action. That’s “all it takes” hahaha.

I’ve had a soft start, but maybe if I write things down I will commit more to myself. Things I’d like to happen:

  • More organized home – 10 minutes a day I’m spending on this.
  • Be more fit & healthy – this is the only one that I’ve made progress with, altho I’ve slacked the past few weeks. I do a daily activity and checking in with my sister to keep ourselves motivated.
  • Have an active blog – made lists of post options. Gosh maybe, I’ll even have a schedule
  • Etsy store – I really want to make selling on Etsy to work. So far I love it and I’d love to become a success story. Right now my goal is to have 100 items listed by end of January. I have 73.

It’s not that I’m a slacker (*depends on who I’m compared to haha). I often overthink things.

  • No more overthinking
  • Set deadlines / schedules

In the end, I want to get to enjoying the process, rather than scrambling so I can enjoy the process.

If anyone has tips that’s helped them, please let me know.

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