My ongoing tasks

My ongoing tasks

This is one of the things I’ve been doing the past few months: trying to create good habits and actually sticking to it. It’s more likely I stay on track if I can see a visual progress. Like in grade school, when you get something done, you earn a gold star sticker. Altho now I color or check off the boxes. I hold myself accountable. After a certain amount of time, I can see what areas have been neglected.

Some weeks are better than others. While I’m far from crossing everything off, a few good habits have been developed. My sleep time is inching earlier. Ever since become my parent, I could never get back to “normal people” sleep times. I just feel I need to stay up really late to do everything I want haha. Why can’t I just go to bed early and wake up really early and do everything I want then.

Just common sense, but common sense doesn’t always mean common practice.

I have learned: Good/new habits take a long time to form. It takes a long time to change bad habits.

P.S. I opened a 2nd shop DearPlanner on Etsy in the midst of my self-redevelopment.

I’m behind the scenes, always



I’m not one to post much, but I’ve been busy behind the scenes. I mean always. And I’m alway wondering what the heck I’m going to write on my blog. This goes on for months… and then one day I just post again haha.

I’ve always loved pen and ink and thought I’d give it a try. I discovered I’m really terrible at it, but it’ll be something fun to practice. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a hobby that will turn into something else in the future. Funny thing is, I grew up in Vietnam so we actually learned to write using pen dipped in ink. I was probably much better at 6 years old than I am now. The convenience of modern pens and pencils has completely obliterated my memory of patience using pen and ink.

I’m working on my Etsy store as always and gearing up for the holidays. Having an online shop is much more work than a regular job. I’m learning to work smarter, not harder… and I don’t seem to know the best way yet. Is there one? Maybe it has to do with my lack of organization skills or time management LOL.

Rain Maybe




It’s looking a little like the left side the past 2 days. I hope it rains tonight or maybe tomorrow too. Then clear up Sunday for the Patchwork because my friend Connie will have a booth at the craft show. I hope traffic and weather will be good for Sunday!

I’ve never done a craft show before but seriously considering Patchwork for the fall. I’m already starting to think of displays and more products. I’m pretty excited. At least it’s making me think of expanding and having other things besides paper.

Ah, dreaming!

I want to finish the Spartan Beast. I’ll be happy!

I’ve been preoccupied the past 2 weeks getting ready for Spartan Beast out in Temecula on Saturday. I’m doing it with my sister and a friend, Jill. My sister and I are a bit worried that it’s going to be 103° tomorrow. As always, I think I should’ve prepped sooner and trained harder, etc…. I’m not sure if doing tons of burpees or running uphill will prepare us for the heat. Our 3rd teammate, Jill, is all gung-ho about it LOL

I made sure to have a hat, gloves, hydrating backpack, some fruit with sea salt and hope for the best. I learned that pickle juice can help with dehydration and/or muscle cramps? I’m not doing that but it’s interesting to know!

We’ll just have fun and treat it as a long hike with a bunch of obstacles  along the way. I’ll be doing things I’ve never done before like wade thru mud and crawl under barbed wires. It’ll feel like being a kid again playing in the water. I won’t think about the harder stuff to do until I have to it tomorrow haha. I just have a goal to finish!

For now I’ll distract myself with some randomness. These are apples I picked from my neighbor’s tree. It’s it awesome to be able to go out in your backyard and grab some food? Not many have fruit trees around here, so I’m appreciating the few that do.