My ongoing tasks

My ongoing tasks

This is one of the things I’ve been doing the past few months: trying to create good habits and actually sticking to it. It’s more likely I stay on track if I can see a visual progress. Like in grade school, when you get something done, you earn a gold star sticker. Altho now I color or check off the boxes. I hold myself accountable. After a certain amount of time, I can see what areas have been neglected.

Some weeks are better than others. While I’m far from crossing everything off, a few good habits have been developed. My sleep time is inching earlier. Ever since become my parent, I could never get back to “normal people” sleep times. I just feel I need to stay up really late to do everything I want haha. Why can’t I just go to bed early and wake up really early and do everything I want then.

Just common sense, but common sense doesn’t always mean common practice.

I have learned: Good/new habits take a long time to form. It takes a long time to change bad habits.

P.S. I opened a 2nd shop DearPlanner on Etsy in the midst of my self-redevelopment.

Doer > Dreamer

I’ve made a decision to become more of a doer than a dreamer. There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer: it’s something I’ve always been. But it’s time to step into being more of a DOER. There’s not an instant fix that will make me transform overnight. All it takes is daily action. That’s “all it takes” hahaha.

I’ve had a soft start, but maybe if I write things down I will commit more to myself. Things I’d like to happen:

  • More organized home – 10 minutes a day I’m spending on this.
  • Be more fit & healthy – this is the only one that I’ve made progress with, altho I’ve slacked the past few weeks. I do a daily activity and checking in with my sister to keep ourselves motivated.
  • Have an active blog – made lists of post options. Gosh maybe, I’ll even have a schedule
  • Etsy store – I really want to make selling on Etsy to work. So far I love it and I’d love to become a success story. Right now my goal is to have 100 items listed by end of January. I have 73.

It’s not that I’m a slacker (*depends on who I’m compared to haha). I often overthink things.

  • No more overthinking
  • Set deadlines / schedules

In the end, I want to get to enjoying the process, rather than scrambling so I can enjoy the process.

If anyone has tips that’s helped them, please let me know.

On-going organizing!

Guilty. It’s been a while since I last posted. No matter, just move forward.

I am forever trying to get my life in order. With summer here, my schedule feels a little off.


I found these 2 organizing books by Regina Leeds. One I bought and another I found at the library. I thought I’d like the “8 minutes” more since it seems like the tasks seem quick. But I’m actually liking the “one year…” one more. The “8 minute” one seems good for touch ups but I like reading the latter one.

We’ll see how far I get or if it will really help me. I’m a lost cause, but I will not give up haha. I took a few ‘before’ photos and hopefully there will be ‘after’ photos one day. I suppose if I were to use an anology, this is weight loss (decluttering) and organizing (defining muscles) for my house.

If anyone has great organization tips that worked for them, please share in the comments.

My goal, besides healthy body, is a healthy home. Cheers!

Stop thinking and start doing

A sweet friend gave me the fun print above. How many times have we looked at something and say we could do that, and never do? For me, it’s because I don’t think such-and-such project was ready or good enough. Yet.

Being a perfectionist slows the progress. It sucks and I’m guilty of that mindset. I’ve wasted moments by editing minute details that probably won’t matter to anyone else. Sometimes I don’t even use what I spent hours working on, and it ends up on the cutting room floor, so to speak, filling the nothingness of cyberspace.

I want to embrace the idea of letting things flow smoothly and not be hung up on minor details. The exercise is to do my best and LET GO.

So.. I need to be okay with my perception of okay. There’s no wrong or right to creativity. There is just do. The more you do, you either get better or it branches off into other things.

I want the magic to start happening! Here’s a nifty Ira Glass video that I found thru We Are The Contributors that reinforces the attitude I want to have.

Yep that’s my happy for this year…