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As of last week, I’ve been on Etsy for ONE WHOLE YEAR. At first, I felt it was sort of “fun and games”. Open a shop, list a few items, check stats to see if I get more than 5 views that day, get a first sale within a month… wow, just list and they will come?

It doesn’t exactly continue to work like that… the sales. After the initial shock of actually selling something, you want to sell more! It gets addicting but you really have to work at it.

After 6 months, I decided that I wanted more than “less than 1 sale” a month. I was selling art (linocut prints) and I kept hearing art is hard to sell. But I’ve already started a shop, I don’t want to change what I sell.

Well… change is inevitable. Many shops evolve into selling different things than what they started with. I became one of those shops.

I scoured the Etsy forums to find secrets of success (haha) or at least being found.  Some advice that made sense are:

  1. SEO – (most important) my listings were decent, probably why I made few sales at all
  2. Diversify – if you have more than 1 type of things, you’ll reach more people
  3. List more items – I only had 20 things
  4. Offer seasonal items – something I hadn’t thought of

I gave #4 a try, which would take care of #2 & #3. With the holidays coming up, I began to offer design services in the form of personalized gift tags & note cards. Wow, people really buy for seasonal stuff and they like their things to be personalized, something that they don’t get at the local chain store.

I didn’t plan on offering anything related to graphic design (too much competition on Etsy) – I just wanted to concentrate on linocuts (lots of this on Etsy too LOL). There’s pretty much competition in anything you want to sell there. But a few sales happened, and sales are addicting! So I changed my mind and now I offer other paper goods.

Now I’m open to change: from my shop to the future of Etsy itself.

Overall it’s been fun and lots of time & hard work. I’ve learned so much and there’s still so much more to learn.

(Next is probably learn about how to promote better. The first step is actually telling people I know that I sell on Etsy haha)

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  • Wow—you’ve been working’ it! Keep me posted on how it’s going. Have you been following my FB & twitter pages?

    • Hi Connie. Yep, I’m following your FB pages… I don’t see all the posts, but I’ll check it out to see what’s new 😉 Didn’t know about your Twitter pages!! Send me your link. I don’t have twitter anymore tho.

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